They were technically part of Phase 1, which added the 667 note to the NARs, but they were actually handled during Phase 2 because they were also getting the date spelled out.  From page 5 of the document Summary of Programmatic Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File: What LC-PCC RDA Catalogers need to know which linked to on the PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines webpage, and may may be directly accessed at this address: “6. Authority records for treaties: All AACR2 authority records for treaties (e.g., 110 with $t Treaties, etc., 130 field with $d date of treaty signing) will be labeled with a 667 field indicating that the heading needs to be reviewed by a cataloger to evaluate the choice of creator.”


See page 3 of this document for an explanation about the Phase 1 vs. Phase 2 issue:  “Not all records whose 1XX is not suitable for use under RDA will receive a 667 field during Phase 1. Records that are susceptible to the mechanical changes defined for Phase 2 will only be modified during phase 2. Any authority record whose 1XX field is not suitable for use under RDA that receives a modification during Phase 2 will have its 667 field added during phase 2. This means that between Phase 1 and Phase 2, catalogers must carefully evaluate authority records that do not yet contain the 667 field.”




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A question for someone who was close to Phase II of the transition of the LC/NAF:


Were authority records that started with a 110 subfield “a” that had a country name and also contained a “$t Treaties, etc.” included as a category to get the programmatic 667 field “THIS 1XX FIELD CANNOT BE USED UNDER RDA UNTIL THIS RECORD HAS BEEN REVIEWED AND/OR UPDATED”?


Just wondering.  Thanks.




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