Hi all,

Please take the survey (link below). The deadline is this Friday.

The PCC Policy Committee (PoCo) is conducting a survey to collect information from PCC individual members to aid in the next round of strategic planning for the PCC. PoCo will have a strategic planning event at the PoCo meeting in November. As part of the preparation for that event, the PoCo created a small group to work on a survey for the PCC individual members. The survey will help us connect the strategic planning effort to a broad base of PCC members and not just those on PoCo. PoCo is looking at other ways to engage members, too, but the survey is an important first step.

Your participation in this survey will help PoCo develop a relevant and effective strategic plan at the facilitated planning event, which is scheduled the day before the PoCo meeting in November 2017.

The survey consists of 13 questions in three sections and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Please complete the survey by Friday, March 10th.<>

Thank you and all the best to you,

Matthew Beacom
PCC Chair