Hi Ian,


I would still enter this under the final element, Cerqueira, following the standard practice for Portuguese:

Cerqueira, Renato Fontoura de GusmaÞo


Even though it doesn’t explicitly say this, I think F.11.8 is telling us to record the part following the prefix in the event that it’s the final element of the name. There could be cases where you have a long string of names with a prefix/preposition/preposition+article in the middle, e.g., Maria Elena Fernandes da Costa Lopes Gonçalves, but I’d still enter it under the final element (unless the final element is Filho, Junior, etc per


In the IFLA document you cite, I think example #5 in “Order of Elements in Catalogue Headings” shows this in action:

**Compound surname joined by e or a preposition: CASTRO, Armando Gonçalves de Morais e” (as opposed to “MORAIS E CASTRO, Armando Gonçalves de”). **


This also follows standard practice for indexing Portuguese-language surnames, e.g., this from the Chicago Manual of Style (note second example):



Portuguese names.

The Portuguese, unlike the Spanish, index surnames by the last element.

Vasconcellos, J. Leite de

Martins, Luciana de Lima



Occasionally you will have a Portuguese-language author who varies from the standard “final element” practice, particularly if their surname is one of the old noble compound surnames of Portugal, but you can normally only know this based on clues scattered around the text (references to them in the preface, their works indexed in the bibliography, etc). The overwhelming majority of the time it’s the final element unless there’s a Filho, Neto, Junior, etc.


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Rich Murray

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Dear PCCLIST readers,


For Portuguese-language names: What do you do when you have a separately written prefix followed by a compound surname?


In AACR2 we're instructed "If the person’s language is Portuguese, enter under the last element." (11.5C4).  However I don't see this AACR2 rule carried over into RDA. 


RDA has:  F.11.8 Portuguese. Record the part of the name following the prefix as the first element.


That would result in this name

Renato Fontoura de GusmaÞo Cerqueira

being formulated as

GusmaÞo Cerqueira, Renato Fontoura de

rather than

Cerqueira, Renato Fontoura de GusmaÞo

as AACR2 would have it.


Following the direction in  to go by IFLA's Names of Persons, I've looked here

but don't see which example, if any, matches the situation I'm dealing with.


One caveat: The person is a Brazilian.  But this document didn't seem to have a match either.


I am in communication with authors of the book in hand – five of them, all Brazilian, three of them having compound surnames, three with the prefix de, two with both!  Hopefully they’ll tell me their preferences (two have already responded).  The Brazil National Library doesn’t appear to be a NACO member, and its practice differs from NACO for at least one author. 


All advice gratefully received! I look forward to hearing from you.


Sincerely - Ian


Ian Fairclough

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