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> I know I should know this, so apologize for taking up people's time, but is it
> considered best practice now to use relators in MARC 500 fields, rather than
> the field by itself, or is this a matter of cataloger's judgment?  I don't recall
> seeing a policy statement here, but since I am something of a "jack-of-all-trades"
> here, I often miss things, and I seem to see records done both ways.

According to DCM Z1, 5XX See Also From Tracing - General Information:

"LC/PCC catalogers applying RDA instructions may use subfield $i in conjunction with subfield $w code 'r' for relationship designators.  When applying RDA relationship designators in 5XXs, supply terms from Appendix I, J or K; capitalize the initial letter of the term and follow the term with a colon.

"Until a decision is reached by the PCC Policy Committee on the use of relationship designators in authority records, LC/PCC catalogers may continue to use the subfield $w codes "a" (earlier) and "b" (later) or optionally use the appropriate relationship designators from Appendix K to provide relationship links between corporate entities (510 or 511)."

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