Hello all,

I noticed that n 2017007203 Women's March on Washington $d (2017) seems to be doing double duty for both a specific named march ( that took place in DC and numerous other loosely affiliated marches ( held in other places on the same day (and with a variety of names).

I asked John Hostage about this, and he suggested that the marches do not meet the criteria for establishment in the NAF per H 1592, 2nd paragraph.

My questions for the list are: should lccn n 2017007203 
	1. be moved to the SAF (genericized)?
	2. remain in the NAF, but be qualified by place and representing only the specific march that took place in DC?
	3. remain in the NAF, qualified by place and representing only the specific march that took place in DC and also be established in a genericized way in 	 	the SAF?
	4. Some other option?

The Schlesinger has acquired posters and other ephemera from the Women's March on Washington and the Boston Women's March for America, and anticipate receiving material from other marches held that day as well (and would like to record the particulars as 6xxs). I would argue that the work cited in lccn n 2017007203's 1st 670, "Why we march" would be better served by a generic SH (I have it in hand; as far as I can tell, it is not an official publication of any march, and refers to them only collectively as the women's march or by location alone).

I would also be interested in hearing more generally about arguments for and against the establishment of marches/demonstrations in the NAF-I noticed several, and we have ephemera collected from the 2017 March for Life that wants cataloging as well.


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