About 10 days ago,  Adam sent us some really good examples “showing multiple creators OR one creator with different role roles” (March 20, [PCCLIST] Question about use of RDA relators in authority records).  It’s great to see how such designators are used there to clarify relationships (thus, primed for linked data). In the same spirit, now I need some collective wisdom and advice on how relationship designators “Container of (work)” and “Contained in (work)” should be used in authority records as well in bibliographic records. Here are my questions:


1) Current predominant use of designators in AAPs: 7XX X2 $i Container of (…) in bibs (but rarely 7XX Xb  $i Contained in (…)). Where could the reciprocal relationship be recorded? 774?    

2) When we see a single or multiple instances of Container of (expression) in 7XX, what is the nature of the “container” itself, expression or work?  

3) Mixed designators in a single bib ($i Container of (work) + $i Container of (expression), etc.), which, conceptually speaking, point to different containers. Or, is the term “container” used loosely here to refer to “the piece in hand” (could  it be, really?!).

4) In authority records, such relationships (work to work, expression to expression) can be recorded clearly with whole/part designators (J.2.4, J.3.4), without mixing WEMI entities and causing confusion. What is PCC’s best practice? Examples?


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