Thanks Mark -- I had noticed that the BTs for all types I mentioned were formulated as 'Imaginary', I just wasn't sure if there was an intended distinction being drawn between Fictitious entities and Imaginary entities. 

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> ... I'm curious if there's any instruction out there for the 'Imaginary' constructed subject headings.
> Examples:
> Lyra (Imaginary place)
> Rama (Imaginary space vehicle)
> Sweet Valley Middle School (Imaginary organization)
> Necronomicon (Imaginary book) 
> ...
> I'm specifically asking if there's a reason or instructions as to why
> they're qualified as 'Imaginary' as opposed to 'Fictitious'

The qualifiers may well be based on the BT heading.  For instance, the 550 in the first heading above is "Imaginary places."

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