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Sent: Thursday, 2 March 2017 5:44 a.m.
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Subject: [digital-curation] recording many PREMIS events


I'm working on a many terabyte collection that has to be processed in smaller batches because of its size. It all links back to one accession record (in ArchivesSpace); in PREMIS speak there are many objects but one intellectual entity. The best solution I've come up with for recording PREMIS-like events is creating multiple message digest calculations, etc. as I go, and indicating what portion of the collection each event refers to using free text fields in the ArchivesSpace record.


I'm wondering how others have handled recording PREMIS-like events for large collections that are processed iteratively, or more generally, what are you considering the "intellectual entity" you create PREMIS-like events for?


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Elizabeth England

National Digital Stewardship Resident

The Sheridan Libraries

Johns Hopkins University

3400 N Charles St

Baltimore, MD 21218


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