I sort of made some of the comments in subject line entitled "Classical
works : Cicero."

There seems to be some confusion about Works, Works. Selections, and using
more specific terms when the expressions are only in a particular genre.

Works refers to an author's works in all genres. Works. Selections =
selections from those works which include two or more genres of the authors

If there is only one genre, such as essays, speeches, etc, then we have
Author. [conventional title] or for selections of one genre: Author.
[conventional title]. Selections.  I am not sure this standard has been
held to with regard to Cicero's works (and maybe others) and I may be at
fault here for not following what I have just said.

In my earlier communication, I also suggested this:
So here is my suggestion.  Correct those differentiated "Works" under
Cicero.  Use the terms suggested in 6.2+.  And if you are going to use
another term other than the one suggested for use as the suggested ones,
use genre/form, and that form/genre the one that is authorized in the NAF.
For instance, don't use Orations; use Speeches; use Novels, not stories.
The Conventional uniform title should be a single term that is a genre
term, with adjectival qualifier indicating content of the genre
conventional uniform/AAP title.

Gene Fieg