Jessica Janecki said:
I am sorry if my comment drags this discussion up again, but I wanted to point out that the RDA MARC example records in the RDA toolkit use the phrase “container of (work)” when dealing with works manifested in manifestations. The first example I came across is for an audio CD which contains multiple tracks, each of which is its own work, each track in the MARC example having a 700 12 $i Container of (work): $a…

Are you talking about the “Full Record Examples of RDA Cataloging”?  If so, you should note that the examples you speak of are marked (emphasis added) “Example of RDA _work_ relationships (RSC) – whole-part”.  They specifically chose to give examples of work-work relationships.  That is not prescriptive or exhaustive.

27.1.1 has an example of a manifestation-manifestation relationship (though it does not use the relationship designators from Appendix J).  And the LC-PCC PS for 6.27.3 shows examples of expressions of multiple languages, coded as per Library of Congress policy.

And all of this will have to change as we implement LRM into RDA.

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