It’s possible that the institution has submitted the 053 proposal to LC and is waiting for approval before changing the coding in the NAR. We sometimes do that, rather than leaving out the 053 until it is approved and the NAR is out of distribution.




Deborah Rose-Lefmann

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Subject: [PCCLIST] literary author 053 with $5


Hi all,


I’m cataloging a novel and find that in the author’s authority record, there is an 053 _4 with a $5 and an institution’s NUC symbol that is not DLC. Does this mean that this institution input this 053 based on their own shelflist without having it approved by LC? Should I propose a number to LC through the usual means and then replace this 053 _4 with a standard 053 _0? I don’t recall seeing this situation before.







Rich Murray

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