Iím cataloguing a book published by ďSociežtež d'Ežditions littežraires et artistiques, Librairie Paul OllendorffĒ. Thereís an authority record for this entity, n  93051372, but for some bizarre reason the name chosen for this Paris publisher is in Spanish, Sociedad de ediciones literarias y artistižcas-libreriža Paul Ollendorff, based on a Spanish book published in 1970, and the French name is a reference.  This doesnít make sense to me as the proper access point for a French publisher based in Paris who appears to have published mostly in French. From the title, I suspect that Spanish book is actually about the publisherís Spanish books, and perhaps for those books the publisher used a Spanish variant or translation of the name.


Of course I could just flip the name in the authority record, but Iíd like to get another opinion before I do this. Perhaps someone who has it could hunt down the book La Sociedad de ediciones literarias y artistižcas-libreriža Paul Ollendorff and check what it says?


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