On topic DAT:

I've transferred 32 Khz DAT both digital and analog output.  Seems little
difference, and it's usually compromised audio to begin with.

And another dirty little secret about DATs is that at the time, most folks
just didn't observe proper insertion and removal discipline . . . AT tape
ends ONLY.  Bits of dust, creases, moisture and fingerprints that were
deposited on the tape surface were because this discipline was not observed
and the source of most dropouts, IMHO.

Plus it wouldn't reproduce a low frequency square wave worth a squat I'm

I think DAT is a horrible archival medium requiring highest priority
capture.  But I've found it to be amazingly robust in practice with tapes
that were properly handled.

It's a crying shame so many albums were mastered to DAT -- without even
outboard converters.  Lou Judson and I saw that done at a shop where we
worked and are both guilty!

Client DATs of 180 minute duration are most vulnerable.  I never recorded
to lengths greater than 120 minutes.

Dave Radlauer


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