According to an internal memo from John Hammond to Clive Davis art CBS,
when Brunswick purchased Vocalian from the Aeolian Co. in 1927, they only
wanted the name, not the masters which were then scrapped. Aeolian went
bankrupt in the early thirties. The successor-in-interest was discovered to
be a manufacturer of power boats in upstate NY who claimed no interest in
the material. Brunswick was acquired by ARSC and Vocalian continued as an
ARC label and is owned by Sony. Aeolian-Vocalian recordings are truly


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> Hello All,
> I know that Vocalion archives are not in existence (or haven’t been
> located), but I would appreciate any information as to the last known
> whereabouts of their existence. I am researching a minister who recorded on
> Vocalion from 1927-1931.
> What do you guys/gals know about Vocalion?
> Thank you!
> Terri Brinegar
> PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology
> University of Florida
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