There was BnF representation at the recent LD4P meeting at Stanford,
which was primarily about BIBFRAME. One of the BnF folks, Emmanuelle
Bermes, wrote about it in her blog:

She's quite approachable if you would like more information. Basically,
their record format (based on UniMARC) has had linking capabilities for
a long time. Ours does not, which means that moving to RDF becomes a
plausible solution. Presumably we could adopt the French version of
UniMARC, which seems quite flexible. But both France and Germany have
had the ability to link wholes with parts and related bibliographic
descriptions for a while. We are behind on that score.


On 5/22/17 9:05 AM, Jeff Edmunds wrote:
> As some are already aware, the magnificent linked data portal of the Bibliothèque nationale de France ( does not use BIBFRAME, simply because the RDF data model employed predates BIBFRAME. Which made me wonder what the future of BIBFRAME may be in France, where data models like FRBRoo with finer levels of granularity and seemingly better adapted for audiovisual mateials are being investigated.
> This is no doubt premature, and will be primarily of interest to Francophone catalogers/technologists:
> Jeff

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