Hi Joe,

This requires ontology fix for bf:seriesStatement in the bf:Instance.  Instead of using bf:seriesStatement "African series", "Department of State publication" ; ... we can introduce something like the following:
bf:seriesStatement [ a bf:SeriesStatement;
            rdfs:label "Department of State publication";
            bf:SeriesEnumeration "7902" ],
        [ a bf:SeriesStatement;
            rdfs:label "African series";
            bf:SeriesEnumeration "43" ];

We change the expected value for the property seriesStatement from literal to class SeriesStatement.  We can also introduce the class SeriesEnumeration as a subclass of SeriesStatement.

Attached is the OCLC MARC converted to BIBFRAME 2.0 and serialized in turtle format.

I will address hasSeries in bf:Work in a separate message. The attached file doesn't make any change to hasSeries in bf:Work.



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Subject: [BIBFRAME] Multiple series statements

When a title is issued in multiple series, BIBFRAME does not have a way to associate each series with its numbering.  For example, looking at OCLC #45898, as converted by the LC program, we find the following.


    bf:hasSeries <>,
        <> ;

    bf:seriesEnumeration "43",
        "7902" ;


    bf:seriesEnumeration "43",
        "7902." ;

    bf:seriesStatement "African series",
        "Department of State publication" ;

In neither the Work nor the Instance can enumeration be associated with its series for the purpose of search or display.  This is a significant step back from current practice.