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The Library of the Hungarian National Museum published the entire catalog into the LOD cloud in BIBFRAME format. We also provide links to external sources like: BNF, ISNI, LC NAF, VIAF, Wikidata.


One of the aims of this publication is to make Hungarian librarians more familiar with BIBFRAME. In order to achieve this the BIBFRAME and MARC descriptions are cross linked. Knowing the BIBFRAME URI of an instance:


one can get the MARC description by changing "id" to "doc" in the URI and appending „.opac” to the URI:


Knowing the permalink of an OPAC record


one can get the BIBRAME description in HTML format by appending .rdf to it: .


Other formats can also be invoked by appending the following extensions: .rdf-ttl, .rdf-nt, .rdf-json, .rdf-jsonld, and .rdf-rdf. The .rdf-rdf extentsion gives back the rdf-xml format.


Clicking the BIBFRAME icon in the OPAC also leads to the BIBFRAME description.


The OPAC pages also support the link rel discovery service in order for the crawlers and other programs to find the RDF descriptions in different formats automatically.


Full documentation can be found here:


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