We are working on loading your profiles to your pages. These will be static PDF pages.  At this time if you have changes, I suggest emailing those to us.  We will give out additional guidance.

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Oh, I forgot, they don't seem to be available online anymore since I found the 2016 profiles in my email. I am assuming that the 2017 profiles are forthcoming. Thank you dan terima kasih banyak. --yati

Rohayati Paseng (Yati)
Southeast Asia Studies Librarian
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
2550 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI 96822 U.S.A.
P: (808) 956-2308; F: (808) 956-2318

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Aloha Bu Carol,
Maaf, is there a reason why I can't see Hawaii's profiles? Terima kasih, --yati

Rohayati Paseng (Yati)
Southeast Asia Studies Librarian
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
2550 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI 96822 U.S.A.
P: (808) 956-2308<tel:(808)%20956-2308>; F: (808) 956-2318<tel:(808)%20956-2318>

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An update from CAPSEA : Jakarta

The billing statements will be uploaded around Memorial Day.  Attached is the cover letter.  As Larry noted, our serials list is not as robust as in the past, but we continue to work on that and other reports from the OFORS system.  Last year we used the list from the older system, but we needed to bill using the new system. Hence the current list; we thought some sort of list was better than no list.

By now most of you have received books from the first container shipment.  The second container was packed on Wednesday.  Your packing lists for that shipment will be put on your individual participant pages.  We estimate there will be one more shipment this fiscal year around the end of August.  For the billing we estimated five shipments in FY2018. When estimating FY2018 shipping costs, we had the costs for the first shipment. We compared those actual costs to shipping costs of Delhi and Nairobi looking at consistency overtime.  (Shipments don’t seem to vary greatly.)

As mentioned in the email at the end of November last year, the costs will now include the container costs (including clearance, etc) and the postage.

On the acquisitions front, our acquisitions travel funding has been approved so we will be traveling in the region.  Ms. Ade will be sharing upcoming travel in a separate post.  I will be traveling to Chiang Mai for the conference, but will need to leave the evening of the 20th to travel to the US for meeting in Washington.

Ramadan begins in a week which brings a different pace to the Jakarta and KL offices.

I travel on my annual leave beginning next week. I will be back in the office on June 12.  Mr. Liong will also be out of the office during that period so I ask that you postpone any non-urgent requests.

Carol L. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Field Director
Southeast Asia Regional Office
Library of Congress
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