As you may know, Indonesia has a dual higher education system with institutions under the Min. of Religion (Director General for Education which in turn is over the Director for Islamic Higher Education) and those under the Min. of Education.  Under the Ministry of Religious Affairs there are different levels of schools with the universities at the highest level: University (UIN - Universitas Islam Negeri), Institute (IAIN = Institute Agama Islam Negeri), and then the Sekolah Tinggi.  Many of the latter are now IAIN.

All of them produce many journals of which we have collected over the years (though incomplete).  In my mind, not all of the journals need to be in the US.  The problem is establishing set of guidelines to help determine which should be in the US.

We visit many of these institutions so can acquire their journals at no acquisitions cost.  Also, if we developed a way to capture e-journals we could be capturing some of these (most use OJS).  Until we have such a system, does anyone have suggestions on a rubric or other such guidelines for collecting and then distributing to an institutions.

In brief, I don't think we will need to look at the math and science journals from the IAIN and Sekolah Tinggi.  I assume we will focus the collecting on Islamic related titles.  I probably would take a sort of random approach looking at the place of publication and how long the title has been around. For instance, I don't think we need all Islamic education journals, but may one at least one from northern Sumatera, Kalimantan, and eastern Java; the same might be true for Islamic law.

I will take a different approach for the Islamic Universities (Jakarta, Yogykarta, Semarang, etc) probably selecting a few more titles in line with their larger educational role.

That said, there are hundreds of titles. I have looked at a couple of sites and there are often 10-20 journals from a single institution. Here is a Wikipedia list:

If anyone can think of a good approach or what places we might focus on, let me know.

Carol L. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Field Director
Southeast Asia Regional Office
Library of Congress
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