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*NISO Webinar*

*Spotlight on Mobile: Devices, Interface, and Content*

*Wednesday, May 10, 2017 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)*

This session will look at the ongoing importance of mobile devices and the
influence those devices have on access to and usage of various forms of
content, whether text or multimedia. As mobile technology is a ubiquitous
tool for a global population, its impact on the practices and policies of
libraries and content providers should not be underestimated.

*Confirmed Speakers: Rebecca Jackson*, *Social Sciences and Humanities,
Department Head and Associate Professor Research and Instruction
Services,* *Iowa
State University*; *Ben Rawlins*, *Library Director, SUNY-Geneseo*; *Tracey
Paine*, *Senior Director of Product Management, EBSCO.*

Here’s what two of our speakers will address:

*The Compleat Mobile Library: How Are We Faring?*
*Rebecca Jackson, **Social Sciences and Humanities, Department Head and
Associate Professor Research and Instruction Services, Iowa State

Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, librarians have embraced
the ideal of “any time, any place” access to information. The early adopter
libraries developed mobile library web presences that looked very different
from their regular websites. This presentation will start by discussing a
snapshot I published in 2013, moving into a look at the mobile library
landscape of today. How are libraries adapting to the need to extend their
collections and services to fit the needs of our mobile patrons accessing
those libraries on a tiny screen? What are the challenges and how are
libraries dealing with them?

*A Mobile State of Mind: Library Resources and Mobile Devices Ben
Rawlins*, *Library
Director, SUNY-Geneseo*

As consumers of information we expect access to be available in the various
formats and through the various devices that we use to consume information.
As we continue to interact with and access information more and more
through our mobile devices, it is imperative that information be presented
and formatted in a manner that makes consumption easy and seamless. This
proliferation of mobile devices has prompted businesses and organizations,
including libraries and library vendors, to leverage the capabilities of
these devices to provide mobile-friendly access to information and changed
how libraries and library vendors think about and improve the user
experience of their interfaces. This presentation will focus on the ways in
which library vendors have made their products available to libraries and
library users using mobile technology.

*Understanding Patron Needs in a mobile world:  Digital Magazine App
Development case study*

*Tracey Paine*, *Senior Director of Product Management, EBSCO*

Libraries are in need of extending their reach beyond the brick and mortar
building.  Web site creation can be costly to maintain and is not often
done well.  Providing a well thought app for a library resources extends
the reach to patrons, students and the general public, helping to drive
usage for the product as well as introducing them to library assets they
may not have known about.  EBSCO User Research and product management
collaborated to understand the challenges of libraries and developed a best
in class app for their digital magazine offering called Flipster helping
libraries attract current and new users.

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