I have manual Space Saver shelving, installed in the late 1980s and as far as I know they never required any maintenance. 



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Good afternoon,


The current compact/space saver shelving in my library needs to be replaced because parts will soon be obsolete. The current system is electronic and could be upgraded, but I may have to go with manual due to pricing of a maintenance agreement.


·         For those with compact shelving, have any of you moved from electronic space saver shelving to manual assist?

·         What issues have you encountered? Pros and cons of each?

·         Those with manual assist shelving, have you had any maintenance issues? How often is maintenance needed?

·         Any lighting issues using the manual shelves? My current system has light built-in which comes on when a section is being used. The manual system doesn’t have lighting which would require installation of lights over the shelving.


I would appreciate any input from my colleagues on this issue - thanks in advance!






Roni Anderson


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