Greetings all,

The GHE continues to work through the process of upgrading to Oracle 12c from Oracle 11gR1. 

As part of the process, at a point very soon, the GHE will need to "freeze" the Oracle 11gR1 database while the upgrades are being made to Oracle 12c. 

The "freeze" means that no changes can be made to the Oracle 11gR1 database (nothing added/removed/changed) while the upgrade is taking place. 

We're not putting a ton of data in that database at the moment, but I ask that you hold off on any projects that involve changing the database until we get the upgrade in place. 

We haven't set the day/time for the database "freeze" yet because we still need to clear some Security hurdles, but I'm hoping that it can happen later this week. Be prepared so that we can move quickly to "freeze" and get the upgrade happening as soon as possible. 


Butch Lazorchak
IT Project Manager
Geospatial Hosting Environment project
Library of Congress
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