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I wanted to pass along this very easy, quick explanation of how to create Story Maps in ArcGIS Online through launching into the “application” interface directly. This will be of particular interest to folks who want to use the Story Map templates for non-map/non-geographic presentations, or whose pictures, videos, or narratives really take center stage in the apps they want to build, and maps play a less central role.


In prior GHE demos you may have seen, I’ve shown how to import data, change map settings in the “Map” panel of ArcGIS Online, and then launch that map into a Web Map Application. If you want to jump straight into the “Web Application Stage” for Story Maps, the steps are below:


1.       Log-in to your ArcGIS Online account at loc.maps.arcgis.com


2.       In the same browser, navigate to storymaps.arcgis.com/en/app-list/

a.       Here, you should still be logged into your ArcGIS Online account. Check for your name in the upper-right hand corner to confirm this.

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3.       Below you will see a list of the latest available Story Map templates. This page provides a lot of useful information describing each Story Map template and why you may want to use one kind or another. You can launch any of them by either:

a.       Clicking on “CREATE STORY” and then selecting the template you would like to use (or click the “Ask the Pros” tab to get template recommendations)

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b.      OR, by clicking “BUILD” on the described Story Map template from this list


4.       The Story Map template you chose will load and you can start creating your application. All further application editing and saving will still reside within your ArcGIS Online account.


I hope this helps more people jump right into the Story Map applications! While Esri is trying to make these templates easy for beginners to use and develop applications with, each Story Map template has particular set-up instructions that they walk you through, so exploration is definitely encouraged! If you come across any glitches in this workflow or if you have any questions, just let me know.






Tim St. Onge


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