NLS Operations Alert No. 17-32


NLS is now planning for travel for the next fiscal year, from October 1, 2017, to

September 30, 2018. We rely on your input in our planning process. If you would like

an NLS staff member to visit your library for a specific purpose, please submit your

request on the enclosed form, noting the month and/or specific dates, and return it

by June 9, 2017.


If at all possible, please avoid requesting visits for October as it is a difficult month for

NLS staff to travel because of the fiscal-year budget transition.


Network Services consultants visit all regional libraries every two years as funds permit.

Consultant visits can be scheduled in conjunction with local consumer, volunteer, or

professional events, but we need to know these dates well in advance. Funds do not

permit us to make consultant visits to subregional libraries or outreach and advisory



NLS representatives are also available for workshops and special events. These

include consumer advisory committee meetings, volunteer recognition ceremonies,

machine-repair workshops, narrator training workshops, outreach activities,

regional/subregional library meetings, and open houses or dedications. We will also

consider other events. Please provide as much information as possible about the type

of visit desired. Requests received after June 9, 2017, will be considered only as

schedules and funds permit.


Please indicate your preferences on the attached form and email it to [log in to unmask] or

fax it to (202) 707-0712, Attn: Stephen Prine.


Attachment: Visit Request Form FY 2018 [MS Word (.doc) / 2 p.]


For further information, contact:

Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

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