The date November 6, 1806 is also given in the book Max Stirner’s Dialectical Egoism: a New Interpretation, by John F. Welsh.  Here is the relevant page in Google Books:


I don’t know anything about this but I think it might be hasty to assume the discrepancy has to do with the two calendars.


Pete Wilson

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Dear PCCLIST readers,


LCCN n  79054586 Stirner, Max, ǂd 1806-1856 has in field 670:

Max Stirner was born 25 Oct. 1806 in Bayreuth as Johann Caspar Schmidt


To which I'm about to add another 670:

Autarchies, 2017: ǂb  page xiii  (nineteenth-century German philosopher Max Stirner) page 7 (born November 6, 1806, Bayreuth)


Of course, I’m citing the data as given in the source, as discussed as recently as a week ago in messages with subject “recording date of birth in field 670 of name authority records”.  But this situation presents a different concern.  It looks like a case of use of the Julian vs. Gregorian calendar.  But this Wikipedia article

which supports that conclusion, the calendars being 12 days apart at that time, nevertheless has the Holy Roman Empire's years of adoption of Gregorian dates as 1583 (Catholic states) or 1700 (Protestant states).


Can anyone explain this?


Also, how would the DOB be expressed in field 046? I have searched EDTF

and ISO 8601 in Wikipedia

in hopes of a simple explanation!  But I wonder whether these standards take the different calendars into account.  The question is, what to record in field 046?


For another NACO purpose I’ve initiated communication with the author of Autarchies, and can ask him for his input about his source for the 6 November date. It would be helpful to be well informed when I do.


Sincerely - Ian P.S Please reply preferably to PCCLIST


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