How could they not be the same person?


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Both records have 670s for The deep blue sea. Bib records in OCLC for The deep blue sea have either form.


010  n  97036278

040  DLC ǂb eng ǂc DLC ǂd IlMchBWI

1001 O'Connor, Sean, ǂd 1968-

670  Straight acting, 1997: ǂb CIP t.p. (Sean O'Connor) data sheet (b. Feb. 11, 1968) galley (res. London)

670  The deep blue sea [VR], 2012: ǂb container (produced by Sean O'Connor)

670  IMDb, July 19, 2012: ǂb (Sean O'Connor; producer; writer; misc. crew)

670  Wikipedia, July 19, 2012: ǂb (Sean O'Connor; a British producer, writer and director working in theatre, film, television and radio; a graduate of the Regional Theatre Young Directors' Scheme; has adapted various novels and works and directed them as feature films or theatrical productions; born Feb. 11 in Wirral, England)


010  no2013052320

040  IEN ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc IEN

1001 O'Connor, Sean ǂc (Producer)

374  Motion picture producer

670  The deep blue sea, 2012: ǂb title frames (Sean O'Connor, producer)

670  IMDb website, viewed May 14, 2013 ǂb (Sean O'Connor, television and motion picture producer and writer)


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