I read the third bullet of section E5.3 of the BIBCO Participant's Manual as saying that a work/expression access point does not require an authority if it is already represented "in the LC database either by a bibliographic record for the work itself (original or translation) or by an analytic access point/added entry on another bibliographic record ..."  I.e, it's telling LC staff they can consider both a bib 130 or 1XX/240 access point and an existing analytic access point in LC's catalog as sufficient evidence that the work of formulating the access point has already been done and to accept what's already in the catalog as "authorized."  It's not a blanket BSR release from creating authorities for analytic added entries. 

It's also very LC centric and of dubious applicability in the larger BIBCO environment.  A check of LC's catalog shows that it does not apply to the Sulpicius Severus cases cited by Adam Schiff.


On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 9:39 AM, Robert Rohrbacher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

        There have always been some exceptions to the requirement to create authority records for works and expressions, such as analytic entries. See the BIBCO Participant's Manual, Section II, E5.3. Preferred titles/Conventional Collective Titles/Authorized access points for works and expressions (

Robert J. Rohrbacher

On 5/3/2017 6:00 AM, Robert Bratton wrote:
I have also noticed a mini-trend of non-authorized access points in
BIBCO records (branded 042  pcc).

BIBCO Participant's Manual states:

B3. BIBCO Record Contribution Requirements

To meet BIBCO Record Contribution Requirements, member institutions:
Support all access points on BIBCO records with authority records



Robert Bratton

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    We are seeing more and more PCC BIBCO records that include
    unestablished access points and are wondering what to do about
    this.  Here’s today’s example:____

    __ __

    OCLC #914586166, LCCN 2015012840 started out as a PCC record from
    LC.  The record, as viewed in LC’s online catalog looks like this:____

    __ __

    100 1_ |*a* Severus, Sulpicius, |*e* author. __ __

    240 10 |*a* Works. |*l* English. |*f* 2016 __ __

    245 14 |*a* Sulpicius Severus : |*b* The complete works
    / |*c* introduction, translation, and notes by Richard J. Goodrich. ____

    264 _1 |*a* New York : |*b* The Newman Press, |*c* [2015]____

    505 0_ |*a* The life of Saint Martin -- Epistles -- Chronicles --
    Book I -- Book II -- Dialogues -- Book I -- Book II -- Book III. ____

    700 1_ |*a* Goodrich, Richard J., |*d* 1962- |*e* translator.____

    __ __

    LC established an expression authority record for Severus,
    Sulpicius. ǂt Works. ǂl English. ǂf 2016.   No problem there.  Well,
    other than the publication date shown in the 264 is different from
    the date in the access point.____

    __ __

    However, several PCC and other libraries in OCLC have enhanced the
    original record and the record now also has these added entries:____

    __ __

    700 12 Severus, Sulpicius. ǂt Vita S. Martini Episcopi. ǂl English.
    ǂs (Goodrich)____

    700 12 Severus, Sulpicius. ǂt Chronica. ǂl English. ǂs (Goodrich)____

    700 12 Severus, Sulpicius. ǂt Dialogi. ǂl English. ǂs (Goodrich)____

    __ __

    I can’t tell who added these access points, but I presume that it
    was a PCC library, because I don’t think any other library would
    have been allowed to add this kind of enhancement to a
    PCC-authenticated record.  If I’m wrong about that, please let me

    __ __

    None of these three analytic added entries has been established in
    the authority file.  Parts of each one control in OCLC, resulting in
    incorrect punctuation: there should not be a period after the
    language of expression.____

    __ __

    If any of you out there in PCC-land recognize this particular
    record, would you kindly create expression authority records for
    these analytic entries?  Or am I missing something in thinking that
    in order for this to be a BIBCO record, these access points must be
    backed up by authorities?  ____

    __ __

    At a minimum, the access points ought not to have been controlled,
    since the control software introduces a punctuation error.  I think
    I’ve reported this to OCLC in the past, but it’s still not fixed.
    Note also the 776 ought to have been fixed as well, as it’s missing
    $s with the authorized expression access point found in LCCN
    2015039974.  That IS an error on LC’s part.____

    __ __

    --Adam Schiff____

    University of Washington Libraries____

    __ __

    __ __

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