Caveat:  I am not a law cataloger.  I am just going by examination of the records and the RDA toolkit.


The NARs still under Laws, etc. (Compiled statuses) are all coded as AACR2 records.  The use of “Laws, etc.” is an AACR2 practice which appears to have been discontinued with RDA. indicates that we should prefer the official short title or citation title of the compilation, if available, which is probably why “Code of Iowa” was chosen for the new NAR.  The NARs coded as AACR2 should be edited and brought up to RDA standard, with the title based on the new RDA-compliant form represented by n  82097757.


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I need ‘advice’ on how to manage the many access points in our ILS.


The following change is on the monthly update list…

(DLC) n  82097757



040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC$dMH

110 1  $aIowa.$tLaws, etc. (Compiled statutes)

410 1  $aIowa.$tCode of Iowa


035    $a(OCoLC)oca00794338

040    $aDLC$beng$erda$cDLC$dDLC$dMH$dMoSU-L

110 1  $aIowa.$tCode of Iowa

368    $aStatutes and codes$2lcgft

410 1  $wnnea$aIowa.$tLaws, etc. (Compiled statutes)


There are authority records (still) under Iowa. Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes)..


On classweb:


Iowa. Code of Iowa, 1878


Iowa. Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes : 1873-1878)


Iowa. Code of Iowa, 1973


Iowa. Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes : 1973)


Iowa. Code of Iowa, 1985


Iowa. Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes : 1985)


Iowa. Code of Iowa, 1987


Iowa. Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes : 1987)



I wish we had a law cataloger that could advise on this.  The bibs for works published after 1981 all have the 245… Code of Iowa, [date]. I’m wondering whether it makes sense to simply remove the 240’s for those.


Our browse index looks like:



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What would you advise?


Mary Charles Lasater

Vanderbilt (for a few more days)