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Don't worry: enough has been said on this issue, and I don't propose to rehash it today! 


But to follow up on a side issue: coincidentally this came up on the MARCEDIT-L list last month, with subject "Latvian National Library misspelled in VIAF extracts".  Concerning VIAF records with their ubiquitous right-to-left and left-to-right markers in displays: the VIAF record itself hasn't got these characters: they are present for display purposes only. Thanks to Nathan Putnam, Linda Gabel and Richard Lammert for their help last month with this concern, addressed following a report to OCLC at [log in to unmask].  Hopefully fuller details will eventually be distributed elsewhere, perhaps on the OCLC-Cat list, as it seems relevant to a wider audience than just PCCLIST folks.


Sincerely - Ian 


Ian Fairclough

Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian

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