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We are cataloging the proceedings of the first Congreso Hispanoamericano de la Prensa, held in New York in 2005, published in 2007.  It turns out that there was an earlier  Primer Congreso Hispano Americano de la Prensa held in Valparaiso in 1937 (see OCLC 8633976 = LCCN 41033495; I have used current capitalization rules; “Hispano Americano” is given as two words).


RDA says to add a qualifier to a corporate body’s name to distinguish it from another corporate body with the same or similar name.  The question in this case is, what to add?  There is a statement on the cover “Memoria de los Congresos Hispanoamericanos de la Prensa, New York, Estados Unidos,” and most (but not all) of the meetings are held in New York.  The copyright is held by the editor, Amin C. Cruz A., and AMPI (Association Millennium Press, Inc.); the 8th Congress was sponsored by AMPI and Colegio Dominicano de Periodistas, but the Congreso’s principal Web site ( does not give any indication of the relationship of these two organizations to the Congreso.  The date of the first Congreso, as noted, was 2005.


So, what to use?  The location of the organization committee, the date of the first meeting, or the name of what may be one of the sponsoring bodies?  And the first two choices would seem to repeat or conflict with information that would be added to the headings for the individual congresses.




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