Dear Mason,

Thank you, first of all, for your continued wonderful work, and for
explaining about the copyright issue. I didn't know that about the older US
regime for print.

I use your Phonograph Monthly Review scans just about every day!

Best wishes,


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Thanks Brewster. Disques is the latest in a National Recording Preservation
Board sponsored project to scan historical serials about audio and record
collecting and post them to for public access. I've written a
bit for the ARSC Blog ( about some completed
projects, and plan to write about the most recent (Hillandale News) and
current (Disques/TNR) soon.

We're always looking for good-condition, unbound copies of related magazines
in the public domain or with the potential to clear rights. We've found that
many magazine publishers never renewed copyright, pushing public domain into
the 60s, and some never registered or included printed notice, pushing
public domain into the 70s or 80s (see

To address Nick's suggestion, I don't think the French Disques is PD,
unfortunately. For all of the complication of U.S. audio copyrights, I've
found U.S. print copyrights less restrictive in dealing (pre-'78) with
publication dates rather than contributors' lifetimes.

If anyone reading has got a collection they want to loan or a suggestion for
us to look into, please write me off-list. And thanks to those who have
contributed so far!

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