I'm coming to this party late as I was off installing my recent project 
which included video tapes, micro cassette audio tapes, slides, 
negatives of various sizes, prints, and documents. I did all except 
outsourced the video and delivered a Dell all-in-one as a display and a 
NAS unit for storage and am working on off-site storage for this client 
and others.

Anyway, thanks Mark Hood for the mention.

I strongly urge reshelling, and I strongly suggest not trying to 
transplant hubs as early on I found hubs binding in new shells.

Here is what I came up with a decade ago. I think I'm on my third set of 
C-cells for this machine.

Yes, Nakamiichis are great for the reasons described. I use Dragons and 



On 2017-06-28 4:51 PM, Jeff Willens wrote:
> Does anyone have a conservationally sound method for reattaching felt pressure pads to cassette shells? I'm loathe to use Crazy Glue as I have no idea if it seeps through the felt. Double-stick tape was also mentioned to me, but I can't see that standing up to playing.
> Replacing would be fine unless the shell is sealed. I would prefer to not have to break the shell to get inside. But if I have the pad, I'd like to reuse it somehow. Any thoughts?
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