Hi, Ellis,

My guess is that the DAT machine re-linearizes the audio before sending 
it out the SPDIF spigot. I think DAT machines also throw in the 
de-emphasis, but the ES-601 F1 system does not do that on its digital 
output but does on its analog output (I think), but that is an earlier 



On 2017-06-05 3:02 PM, Ellis Burman wrote:
> Hi Eli.  Thanks for the update!
> So, just to clarify, you used the built-in S/PDIF optical input on the G5?
> And the data was already re-linearized (there was some conjecture that the
> data might need to be processed using a lookup table to remove the
> non-linear encoding).  If the audio was re-linearized, then I assume it was
> 16 bit and you captured at 16 bit and not 12 bit?
> Did you find a method for 16 bit recordings that works reliably using a DDS
> drive?
> Thanks,
> Ellis Burman
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