Thanks so much for the link. This is an amazing basics-of-digital-audio 
document. I never had the justification for this as I got into PC audio 
in 1999 and hadn't done much prior to that. I had worked from 1974-2004 
designing audio and video systems (except the brief dalliance into 
designing audio equipment at McCurdy in Toronto from 1981-1983). I 
started getting interested in tape preservation in 1996-1997 worrying 
about my own tapes from the 1970s and realizing at that time not many 
people cared.

I tried to fix the link which was broken when I received it.



On 2017-06-05 5:21 PM, Mark Donahue wrote:
> The LFI-10 was a necessary tool in the early days of digital audio. It
> allowed you to look at the subcode data in the digital stream and modify
> it. Most of the DAT machines did not conform to the standards and to get
> things to work correctly you needed to modify the status bits. The manual
> is required reading for anybody that wants to know about digital
> interfacing.
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