I agree Shai. Also  the felt pads eventually do nasty things to heads 
including accellerated wear/ pitting. It's sometimes said that only the high 
end Naks can be used but even the  lowly Nak 480 series has the essential 
features of dual capstans and  pad lifter. Other brands used dual capstan 
but as far as I know only Nak exploited that feature by pushing the felt pad 
off the head.

Tim Gillett
Western Australia

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Better yet, just use a Nak that actually lifts the felt pad altogether.
Tapes actually play better with less noise and better tape to head contact
without the felt pad. The caveat is that the deck needs to be built for the
purpose of lifting the pad (almost all Naks). Regular decks need it for
contact with the head.

If you do decide to glue it back, crazy glue will work, but my personal
favorite is the liquid UHU. Takes about 20 minutes to dry.

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On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 12:23 AM, Paul Stamler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On 6/28/2017 3:51 PM, Jeff Willens wrote:
>> Does anyone have a conservationally sound method for reattaching felt
>> pressure pads to cassette shells? I'm loathe to use Crazy Glue as I
>> have no idea if it seeps through the felt. Double-stick tape was also
>> mentioned to me, but I can't see that standing up to playing.
>> Replacing would be fine unless the shell is sealed. I would prefer to
>> not have to break the shell to get inside. But if I have the pad, I'd
>> like to reuse it somehow. Any thoughts?
> I know of no practical way to reuse/reattach the pad, which is probably
> shot anyhow. Get a new cassette and transplant the tape to it.
> Peace,
> Paul
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