Foam pads were used in at least one brand of blank cassette tapes (3M AV
series is what I*ve encountered, and they deteriorated into dust that
contaminated the entire cassette tape.  Foam in general doesn*t age well,
in my experience, so I would recommend sticking with felt pads.

Rehousing cassettes is an excellent practice to insure a longer lifetime
for the original object and to guarantee the best possible low friction
transfer.  Even cassettes without screws (sonically welded cassettes) are
not that hard to open, especially if you follow Richard Hess* advice and
use a pair of circlip pliers, where the jaws spread apart as you squeeze
the handles together. I like to start at the rear of the cassette, at the
breakout record/tape type tabs.  Sometimes it*s a bit of a messy process,
but it*s always worth the bother’


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>We tend to replace the entire shell as I had the same questions about what
>glue to use (off-gassing questions and such.) I易ve recently purchase some
>strips of foam pads off eBay which come with self-adhesive strips. I
>haven易t had the opportunity to use it yet.
>As Crazy-glue seems to set very quickly I wouldn易t worry about it seeping
>far into the pad (if using just a bit.) I think that I would be more
>concerned about what, and how much, it off-gasses while it易s setting. I易m
>not sure if those gasses could have a negative affect on closely media.
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>>Does anyone have a conservationally sound method for reattaching felt
>>pressure pads to cassette shells? I'm loathe to use Crazy Glue as I have
>>no idea if it seeps through the felt. Double-stick tape was also
>>mentioned to me, but I can't see that standing up to playing.
>>Replacing would be fine unless the shell is sealed. I would prefer to not
>>have to break the shell to get inside. But if I have the pad, I'd like to
>>reuse it somehow. Any thoughts?