What later became known as the RIAA curve was one of several suggested by
Western Electric to its licensees in 1925 and was used frequently by
Victor, HMV, Columbia from 1925-30.


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> I don't think the RIAA curve was introduced until around 1955.
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> > Hi folks:
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> > Here's the background. In an interview in Audio Magazine, Moses Asch pf
> Folkways records said that he had had some LPs of historical importance --
> particularly in the Ethnic Folkways series -- cut flat, rather than using
> the usual pre-emphasis curves. He said he did that so that future
> generations could play them without messing around with de-emphasis. When I
> interviewed Peter Bartók, who cut a lot of records for Folkways, I asked
> him about this. He said he never heard of such a thing.
> >
> > Well, I may have run across one of those records. I transferred it flat
> (no RIAA), declicked it in Izotope Rx, then started messing with the EQ. I
> tried LF de-emphasis at 500Hz (the RIAA standard) and 629Hz (suggested for
> pre-RIAA Folkways records by several sources, including an old ARSC
> journal. Both sounded horribly boomy. I tried doing a 1st-order HF rolloff
> at 1,580Hz, and with that compensation (no LF de-emphasis, 1,580Hz HF
> rolloff) what I heard sounded believable, if not exactly hi-fi.
> >
> > This album was P433, "Maori Songs of New Zealand", dated 1952; it's
> entirely field recordings.
> >
> > My question: have any of you run across anything like this -- a Folkways
> LP which plays back more accurately without LF de-emphasis?
> >
> > Mr. Bart  ó  k suggested to me in our interview that early LPs may not
> have used formal pre-emphasis, because the resonances of the cutter head
> would have produced a rising HF response.  So I'm wondering if this LP was
> cut that way -- no formal HF pre-emphasis (but a peaky cutter head), no LF
> pre-emphasis?
> >
> > By the way, other Folkways LPs I've transferred (including "Songs and
> Dances of Norway", which had its own issues, mainly with recording speed)
> hewed to the RIAA curve -- at least, closely enough to sound okay when
> played back with it.
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> > Paul Stamler
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