I am happy to have lived long enough to see these early record periodicals
becoming readily available on line. For those interested in the development
of record reviewing as a journalistic sub-genre, they are essential
sources. Those, like myself, who pored over loose copies or bound volumes
of them at reference libraries, or occasionally turned up loose copies
secondhand, or who never found them at all, can smile that future
researchers will benefit from the dissemination of them in convenient
digital formats.

Re DISQUES, it was indeed the precursor of THE NEW RECORDS; however, the
earlier publication had far more ambitious editorial content than its
successor. I would also mention THE MUSICAL RECORD, a short-lived
Depression era periodical that was the quasi-successor to DISQUES. I am
fortunate enough to possess a bound volume of the entire run. It was an
exceptionally beautiful layout and covered an important period in the U.S.
record business. Only months after it closed, Peter Hugh Reed began his
AMERICAN MUSIC LOVER, which became the nation's leading record journal
until the appearance of HIGH FIDELITY. Reed began reviewing recordings in
the late twenties for THE √ČTUDE, published by Theodore Presser. Those
reviews deserve digitization, too.

Kudos to all those engaged in this valuable work.


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> Disques was the house periodical of H. Royer Smith Co. of Philadelphia. It
> was replaced by The New Records.
> I'm hoping someone will digitize and upload the other Disques, the
> extremely
> interesting and useful French record magazine. A set of its post-war run
> was
> sent to RIPM, where I have never been able to find the slightest sign of
> its
> existence or availability.
> Nick
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> We just found a great collection being uploaded to the Internet Archive:
>       Disques Magazine from the 1930's:
> We do not know much about this, but are delighted and hope others are as
> well.
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