From what I understand, the issue of playing back Nixon tapes is periodically (every few years?) revisited to see if magnetic microscopy technology has advanced enough to warrant an attempt to extract audio from the erased portions. A few years ago it was decided this was not yet the case.

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My condolences to all who knew him as well.

This makes me wonder - has digital tech progressed enough to be able to find the erased recording down in the murk? It would still be fascinating to know what it was... and why erased!

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> Sorry that he has passed.
> At a Christmas party at our house years ago, I was a fly on the wall 
> as he was talking with John Markoff of the New York Times.  He worked on
> the Nixon missing 20 minutes of tape being erased.   As I remember, his
> theory was that it was a conversation with Howard Hughes.   This was not
> an official finding of the government however, and I think was informal.
> -brewster