We tend to replace the entire shell as I had the same questions about what
glue to use (off-gassing questions and such.) Iıve recently purchase some
strips of foam pads off eBay which come with self-adhesive strips. I
havenıt had the opportunity to use it yet.

As Crazy-glue seems to set very quickly I wouldnıt worry about it seeping
far into the pad (if using just a bit.) I think that I would be more
concerned about what, and how much, it off-gasses while itıs setting. Iım
not sure if those gasses could have a negative affect on closely media.

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>Does anyone have a conservationally sound method for reattaching felt
>pressure pads to cassette shells? I'm loathe to use Crazy Glue as I have
>no idea if it seeps through the felt. Double-stick tape was also
>mentioned to me, but I can't see that standing up to playing.
>Replacing would be fine unless the shell is sealed. I would prefer to not
>have to break the shell to get inside. But if I have the pad, I'd like to
>reuse it somehow. Any thoughts?