IMHO a judiciously applied dot of super glue will work just fine if you don't want to crack open the shell.  Digitize ASAP, naturally.



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Hi Jeff,

I strongly recommend replacing the shell. If you've got a problem with a cheap, welded shell you will probably have others down the road. Polyline Corp. used to sell very high quality, clear empty cassette shells. They still sell bulk-loaded clear shells, and the prices are so low that it would actually pay to throw out the tape and just use the shell:

I don't know if these are the same clear shells I bought from them back in the 1980s, but they certainly look very similar. The only issue is that they have a minimum order of 100. But, if you're in the business, it would be good to keep a stock on hand. Who knows how long they'll be available?

They note that the bulk-loaded tapes are special order, requiring 1-3 days. This may mean that they load the tapes to order, which may mean that they'll sell you the empty shells. It would be worth contacting them to ask. 



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Does anyone have a conservationally sound method for reattaching felt pressure pads to cassette shells? I'm loathe to use Crazy Glue as I have no idea if it seeps through the felt. Double-stick tape was also mentioned to me, but I can't see that standing up to playing. 

Replacing would be fine unless the shell is sealed. I would prefer to not have to break the shell to get inside. But if I have the pad, I'd like to reuse it somehow. Any thoughts? 


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