Is the 11gR1 Oracle database back up? I cannot connect to RAP - I lost all my database connections in AtcCatalog.

Jim Uzel
CRS GIS Analyst

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Subject: Freezing the Oracle 11gR1 database tonight at 5pm


We're moving ahead with our upgrades to the Oracle database, getting us one step further towards having ArcGIS 10.5 in place. 

Tonight (Tuesday 6/6) we are "freezing" the existing Oracle 11gR1 database. This is the database under the ArcGIS LRP, PUB and RAP servers. What "freezing" means is that you can access the data in the database but you can't add or remove any. 

The database will be frozen until we complete the upgrade to Oracle 12c. This could be as much as a week. 

In addition, the database will be unavailable starting tomorrow morning (Wednesday 6/7) as the database team does the work they need to do to prepare for the upgrade. 

It should be back up later in the day, but count on it being unavailable through the morning. We'll let everyone know when it's available again. 

Thanks for your ongoing engagement and understanding,


Butch Lazorchak
IT Project Manager
Geospatial Hosting Environment project
Library of Congress
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