Excellent topics.

Question to group. I see a couple of options on how to handle these:

1 – Answer in-line in email Would provide quick turnaround of discussion, but might also get muddies as email isn’t best channel
2 – Add these questions to the Agenda for the upcoming meeting. Only downside to this is a delay until we speak about them.

I vote #2, but feel free to over-rule me.

Mike Nibeck
Software Engineering Manager
OCIO - Web Services
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User experience and branding requirements


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Hi all – Soliciting for possible topics for the upcoming Community of Practice meeting…


Are there burning issues/questions that we need to address?


How many of us are using Jira on a regular basis? Would there be any interest in an overview of the functionality or maybe a deep-dive on some part of it that you’re not sure about?




Bob Shirley

Team Lead, PMO

Library of Congress

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