From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hi Brewster,

I looked at the live doc file "Draft blog post eventually for, 
pls comment", and anonymously I added a "y", which apparently was accepted.

It was uncanny to suddenly see a cursor with your name starting writing, 
reconsidering, moving bits around. I am not used to this kind of live action!

Anyway, I think your introduction is fine, only it does not seem to answer 
something that could be my question: "how do I find Victor recordings of opera 
singers 1903-13". Now, for this question perhaps a lot of existing CD transfers 
would be the answer, because the greatest strength of the transfers 
is that it has items that would never surface otherwise.

Nevertheless, how would I search for items that answer my question?

Best wishes,


> responding to George Brock-Nannestad's request for documentation, I
> would like to post something like this to, but before
> doing so, I would appreciate comments or debugging:
> s/edit
> -brewster