As I recall, it's possible to limit the range of what Capstan works on to
the 60 cycle area so if the hum is distinctive enough (or can be made so),
then it should correct to a regular sine wave.  It's less than super
accurate but deals with gross errors with practice.  It worked well on
somewhat off-center piano records but this was a while ago.  I've not had
the occasion to sue it in some years.  Perhaps they've improved their hum
discrimination program subsequently.  

I just found the dongle, so I may upgrade and try it again when time allows.

Steve Smolian

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Flutter - as defined by the NAB - is in a range that Capstan is
intentionally band-limited out of since it's  incapable of distinguishing
flutter from vibrato. 

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>> Capstan doesn't work on flutter.
> Hm. Has worked for me.
> Eero