Hi Ben,

There are no belts in that machine, one reel drive idler rubber tyre and of 
course a rubber pinch roller. They're usually reliable machines but are 
getting old and may have had a lot of work.

The tape path needs regular cleaning or tapes may  be damaged or jam inside. 
Cleaning the capstan and pinch roller is a lot easier with a custom dummy 
cassette to trick the capstan motor to run and  engage the pinch roller in 
play mode for cleaning. I can upload a photo of a dummy cassette if that 
would help.

I service these but unfortunately am in Australia... It may also need a 
skilled local serviceman to check it out.

Best of luck

Tim Gillett,
Western Australia

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> Check for tight belts and good rubber tires.
> Martin
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> Hello everybody
> I was cut off from ARSC for about 2 months, because their email was being 
> rejected by my computer for some reason.
> I have 2 TASCAM 122 Mk 2 recorders.
> They seem to have week mechanisms.
> I was told I can use only high quality cassettes.
> Is that how it should be?
> I don't use junk, but the mechanism struggles and moans, then it stops or 
> eats the tape.
> The cassettes have gotten stuck in one of them and I had to take off the 
> cover to make the mechanism give them up.
> Is that how it should be?  Maybe the rubber parts need to be cleaned.
> *Are there any service centers for TASCAM in south Florida?*
> Regards,
> Ben Roth

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