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The sound is very much like a platen Printing Press in the background 
printing. Such as that shown here at Gwen Fostic's print shop. scroll down to see the printer.


On 7/7/2017 10:10 AM, Timothy Wisniewski wrote:
> Happy Friday, colleagues!
> I'm digitizing some oral history cassettes and I've come across a very
> interesting sound on one of the tapes.  This is a continual stretchy creaky
> sound that occurs for about a half-second every 3 seconds. At first, I
> suspected it to be a result of some variant of soft binder syndrome, but
> both baking and cold playback has had no effect at all on the sound.  Also,
> I am not hearing any "squeal" from within the cassette deck, only this
> strange sound coming through the amplified playback. The tape is not
> shedding oxide.
> After playing through the tape, I've discovered the sound occurs for only
> about 7 minutes in the recording, and begins immediately after a break in
> the recording. Also, the way the sound trails off when it stops seems to
> indicate to me something that was recorded inadvertently by the microphone,
> perhaps a sound from the tape recorder itself. There is a subtle sort of
> "room presence" that the sound has at the very end occurring along with a
> sound like something being dropped. All of this has now has me thinking the
> sound is something in the original recording rather than an artifact being
> introduced during playback.
> The cassette is an off-brand, brown oxide variant.  The original recording
> is from 1975. Below is a link to a one minute sample, towards the end of
> the sound.  Pay particular attention near the end of the sample when the
> sound trails off.  If anyone has any ideas as to what this sound may be,
> I'd be most interested!
> Thanks,
> Tim