Hi Corey,

Interestingly,  the 122 the owner's manual states the pinch roller and 
capstan should be cleaned  "at least once a day the deck is used"... but 
without resorting to extra expedients as we've both described, even  as a 
techie I'd struggle to perform this basic first line daily maintenance. Even 
with the non standard expedients  the pinch roller and capstan are still 
tricky to clean, and I'd suggest without  such expedients, or a custom 
machine mod,  almost impossible.

 Human nature being what it is, unless a basic daily task like this is easy 
to perform,  it will tend to be skipped. A basic error by Tascam IMO 
especially as the machine was marketed and regarded as a pro machine, and 
now seems almost a defacto standard for archives and transfer engineers. A 
shame as in so many other ways an excellent machine.


Tim Gillett

Western Australia

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> Hi Tim,
> As you learned the hard way, this list does not accept attachments and 
> will strip them from your post.
> Regarding the picture of the cassette that you posted:
> I have made a few variations of these for those pesky decks where the 
> cassette sensor is hard to get to. Generally, I will put a small piece of 
> tape across the tape sensor lever (located at the top of the cassette bay) 
> to hold it up which allows the transport to function and gives the tech 
> full access to the transport mechanism. The modified cassette shell 
> certainly makes sense for routine cleaning by non-techies.
> Cheers,
> Corey
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
> On 7/19/2017 9:35 PM, Tim Gillett wrote:
>> Attached photo. Nothing fancy in looks but a tool that works.
>> In the Tascam I think both reels also need to be turning to avoid 
>> activating "Stop" so I retained the hubs and tape, but with a smaller 
>> diameter pack to avoid fouling when cleaning the parts. It makes things 
>> easier on various other cassette machines too, especially later models 
>> which only go into play mode when a cassette is inserted.
>> I first made a few of these in the 90's when a Talking Book production 
>> organisation I worked for bought new Tascam 122 MkIII's and the staff 
>> struggled to perform daily  tape path cleaning. Of course I regularly use 
>> the tool myself.
>> Hope it helps.
>> Cheers
>> Tim
>> Perth,
>> Western Australia
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>> Please upload the picture. Sounds interesting.
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>> Cheers
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>> On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 4:12 AM, Tim Gillett 
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>> wrote:
>>> Hi Ben,
>>> There are no belts in that machine, one reel drive idler rubber tyre and
>>> of course a rubber pinch roller. They're usually reliable machines but 
>>> are
>>> getting old and may have had a lot of work.
>>> The tape path needs regular cleaning or tapes may  be damaged or jam
>>> inside. Cleaning the capstan and pinch roller is a lot easier with a 
>>> custom
>>> dummy cassette to trick the capstan motor to run and  engage the pinch
>>> roller in play mode for cleaning. I can upload a photo of a dummy 
>>> cassette
>>> if that would help.
>>> I service these but unfortunately am in Australia... It may also need a
>>> skilled local serviceman to check it out.
>>> Best of luck
>>> Tim Gillett,
>>> Perth,
>>> Western Australia
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>>> Check for tight belts and good rubber tires.
>>>> Martin
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>>>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Much Trouble with my two TASCAM 122 Mk 2s
>>>> Hello everybody
>>>> I was cut off from ARSC for about 2 months, because their email was 
>>>> being
>>>> rejected by my computer for some reason.
>>>> I have 2 TASCAM 122 Mk 2 recorders.
>>>> They seem to have week mechanisms.
>>>> I was told I can use only high quality cassettes.
>>>> Is that how it should be?
>>>> I don't use junk, but the mechanism struggles and moans, then it stops 
>>>> or
>>>> eats the tape.
>>>> The cassettes have gotten stuck in one of them and I had to take off 
>>>> the
>>>> cover to make the mechanism give them up.
>>>> Is that how it should be?  Maybe the rubber parts need to be cleaned.
>>>> *Are there any service centers for TASCAM in south Florida?*
>>>> HELP!
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Ben Roth
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