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If you search for Summit Records on eBay you'll find more than one label bearing this name, but the classical LPs with the mountain peak logo are the ones he's talking about. Most of the names seem lie pseudonyms to me, but I don't really know anything else about them. 



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I am forwarding the question below from a colleague (with his permission). If you have any answers, let me know! I will forward back to him.

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Subject: [MLA-L] Fake-name (?) question

[I'm] looking for audiophiles who know their pseudonyms.

In the act of cleaning off my desk, I happened upon an authority problem-two authority records that appear to represent the same person.  The name, Heinrich Hermann, is associated with the Salzburg Radio Symphony Orchestra.  Searching the orchestra's name in WorldCat produces a set of results associated with Summit Records, an Australian company from the 1960s and 1970s which apparently specialized in reissues (not associated with today's Summit Records, which covers brass repertoire).  Some of the conductors might be under their real names, but others smack of being pseudonyms.

Does anyone on this list have further information on Summit Records, the Salzburg Radio Symphony Orchestra, or "Heinrich Hermann?"  Thanks.

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