Dear JAC members,

There has been little activity on this list for awhile.

A request to give Montenegrin a separate code was received last year by
John Zagas at the Library of Congress. Because of various difficulties,
work projects and illnesses, I have just now received all the documents
needed to put forward the request for discussion and soon a vote.

There are four documents attached. One is the formal request from the
National Library of Montenegro. The second is a linguistic justification
for the request, although this decision would not likely be made on the
linguistic merits alone. The third document is a summary of the differences
of deciding on a language code based on "development" and that of deciding
on linguistic merit alone. The fourth is a letter from one of our members
who is involved in standards for a European government. I felt her view was
important, as the EU would be a primary user of the code if it is created.

Please read through the documents and circulate your comments to this
committee. I will put forward a ballot in a week or ten days, depending on
when the comments seem to be reducing or ending.

Thank you for taking time to consider this request.

Melinda Lyons
Secretary and Chair
Joint Advisory Committee